Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tagosphere PC version 0.5 is on Sourceforge

One month ago I have released a first version of the Flickr photo copy program on Sourceforge, Version 0.5. This is the project page

The home page is here

I have named the program Tagosphere, because it’s a program with an emphasis on ‘tags’.

It’s a small program for win32 written in Delphi. The compiled program with an installer und a small help file is less than 1 MB.

When you browse on the web and the Tagosphere program is running at the same time, you see a small window. Copy is only possible from the Flickr detail page.

With the browser on a Flickr Photo page Tagosphere shows you a preview what it would save to your PC: the photo and some of the metadata on the Flickr page.

You could save the picture from the browser, but the default filename is e.g. 380173234_dd6a416343

You could save the whole web page from the browser, but then you have one large photo and dozens of icons and other small pictures and a bunch of html text. You can look at the web page, but searching for data is difficult.

Tagosphere saves data as xml. The browser can show this data as a web page with a small template (an XSLT template). The browser shows the xml file e.g. like this. No additional program is required.

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