Friday, October 19, 2007

1 Click Save

I want a small program to save the current photo from Flickr which I see in the browser together with related data describing the photo.
I’m not interested in any kind of mass downloader, I have enough not yet seen pictures on my HD.

Save should be as simple as possible – a one–click–save.
I don’t want to select a directory each time and I don’t want to enter a file name each time.

The default Save stores the photo to some directory and uses the photo name as filename, at least as far as possible in Windows. There are a lot of characters which can’t be used for Windows filenames.

The photo will be stored as Jpeg file
The extracted metadata will be stored as XML file.
From the XML file it is easy to generate a local HTML file with XSLT. How the local HTML file will look like is independent from the copy program and depends on the XSL and CSS files. The first layout will be similar to the Flickr page, but can be changed by someone with knowledge in HTML, XSLT and CSS.

A copy will provide three files:
1) The photo as image file
2) The metadata as XML file and
3) The local HTML file which combines photo and data.